Slide Switch Plug

Slide switch is a simple SPDT switch, commonly used as a ON/OFF switch in electronic circuits or just as a general control switch. Elint Labz has built a plug to utilize this unique hardware. This plug can be mounted anywhere using screws.

Slide switch has a slider that slides in horizontal direction. Slide switch plug has an interfacing port with four pins named as G, V & D1 and D2. Here G represents Ground ,V represents VCC and D1 represents Data pin1 and D2 represents Data pin2 at which digital input signals from the plug can be obtained.

Depending on the switch position one of the Data pins goes HIGH and the other Data pin remains at LOW level.

Note:   Both the data pins cannot go HIGH/LOW at the same time.

Slider Position

Signal at D1 pin Signal at D2 pin
Towards Right LOW HIGH
Towards Left HIGH LOW
  • Operating voltage :5v
  • Size : 20mmx15mm
Slide Switch Type Version Port Type SKU
Straight v1 Straight EL-SSPL-ST-101
Right angled EL-SSPL-ST-102
v2 Straight EL-SSPL-ST-201
Right angled EL-SSPL-ST-202
Right angled v1 Straight EL-SSPL-RA-101
Right angled EL-SSPL-RA-102
v2 Straight EL-SSPL-RA-201
Right angled EL-SSPL-RA-202

Manual contains all required information for interfacing along with example codes.


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