Relay Plug

The Relay plug contains all the necessary circuit you need to get your high-power load under control. The relay driver circuit has a transistor equipped with free wheeling diode to protect the transistor from back EMF. Hence relay can be easily controlled by 5V logic from any digital circuit and an LED indicator tells you when the relay is activated.

Relay plug is a digital output device. It has a interfacing port with three pins named as G, V & D. Here G represents Ground , V represents VCC and D represents Data pin through which relay can be controlled.

    • Operating voltage: 5V
    • Operating Current : ~150mA
    • Size: 50mm x 30mm
    • Load ratings:
      • 240V AC : 7A
      • 125V AC  : 10A
      • 28V DC   : 10A
Relay plug Type Version Port Type SKU
Type A v1 Straight EL-RLYP-AT-101
Right Angled EL-RLYP-AT-102
Type B v1 Straight EL-RLYP-BT-101
Right Angled EL-RLYP-BT-102
  • 3-3 A
  • 4-3 A

Manual contains all required information for interfacing along with example codes.


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