Push-button Plug

Push button is a kind of switch which causes a temporary change in the state of​ an electrical circuit only when the button is pressed. Elint Labz has built a plug to utilize this unique hardware. This plug can be mounted anywhere using screws.

Single push button plug has a push button with pull down resistor circuit and it acts as a digital input device to the interfacing system. It has an interfacing port with three pins named as G, V & D. Here G represents Ground , V represents VCC and D represents Data pin at which digital input signal from the plug can be obtained.

  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Size: 20mm x 20mm
Push Button Type Push Button Head   Version   Port Type SKU
              Small    Short Head        v1     Straight     EL-PBPS-SH-101
    Right Angled EL-PBPS-SH-102
       v2      Straight EL-PBPS-SH-201
    Right Angled EL-PBPS-SH-202
    Long Head       v1      Straight EL-PBPS-LH-101
     Right Angled EL-PBPS-LH-102
     v2       Straight EL-PBPS-LH-201
      Right Angled EL-PBPS-LH-202
             Big     Short Head        v1      Straight EL-PBPB-SH-101
     Right Angled EL-PBPB-SH-102
     v2      Straight EL-PBPB-SH-201
     Right Angled EL-PBPB-SH-202
    Long Head       v1      Straight EL-PBPB-LH-101
    Right Angled EL-PBPB-LH-102
       v2     Straight EL-PBPB-LH-201
    Right Angled EL-PBPB-LH-202
  1. 3-3 A
  2. 4-3 A

Manual contains all information for interfacing along with example codes.


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