LED Plug

LED plug has a LED with a current limiting resistor which can be used as indicator in various projects. This PCB design enables you to bend the LED to any position as per the user’s need and also this plug can be mounted anywhere using screws. This plug is available in different colors.

LED plug is a digital output device. It has a interfacing port with three pins named
as G, V & D. Here G represents Ground , V represents VCC and D represents Data
pin through which LED is controlled.

  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Size: 15mm x 20mm

LED Type

Color Version Port Type SKU
Diffused Red v1 Straight EL-LEDP-DR-101
v2 Straight EL-LEDP-DR-201
v2 Right-angled EL-LEDP-DR-202
Yellow v1 Straight EL-LEDP-DY-101
v2 Straight EL-LEDP-DY-201
v2 Right-angled EL-LEDP-DY-202
Green v1 Straight EL-LEDP-DG-101
v2 Straight EL-LEDP-DG-201
v2 Right-angled EL-LEDP-DG-202
Red v1 Straight EL-LEDP-CR-101
v2 Straight EL-LEDP-CR-201
v2 Right-angled EL-LEDP-CR-202
Yellow v1 Straight EL-LEDP-CY-101
v2 Straight EL-LEDP-CY-201
v2 Right-angled EL-LEDP-CY-202
Green v1 Straight EL-LEDP-CG-101
v2 Straight EL-LEDP-CG-201
v2 Right-angled EL-LEDP-CG-202
Blue v1 Straight EL-LEDP-CB-101
v2 Straight EL-LEDP-CB-201
v2 Right-angled EL-LEDP-CB-202
White v1 Straight EL-LEDP-CW-101
v2 Straight EL-LEDP-CW-201
v2 Right-angled EL-LEDP-CW-202
IR v1 Straight EL-LEDP-IR-101
v2 Straight EL-LEDP-IR-201
v2 Right-angled EL-LEDP-IR-202
UV v1 Straight EL-LEDP-UV-101
v2 Straight EL-LEDP-UV-201
v2 Right-angled EL-LEDP-UV-202
  • 4-3 A
  • 3-3 A

Manual contains all required information for interfacing along with example codes.