Dual Relay Plug

Dual channel relay plug has two electromagnetic relays with driver circuits which enables the user to control two High power circuit from a low power circuit. Both high power AC loads as well as DC loads can easily be controlled with this plug. This plug also has an LED associated with each relay which represents the status of the relay i.e., when the relay is activated LED turns ON.

  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Operating Current : ~150mA
  • Size:
    • A-type 50mm x 45mm
    • B-type 50mm x 50mm
  • Load ratings:
    • 240V AC: 7A
    • 125V AC: 10A
    • 28V DC: 10A



     Relay type


    Port Type



         V1       A-type Straight EL-DRYP-AT-101
    Right-angled EL-DRYP-AT-102
           B-type Straight EL-DRYP-BT-101
    Right-angled EL-DRYP-BT-102

Manual contains all required information for interfacing along with example codes.


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