Bi-Color LED Plug

Bi-color LED is a handy little component that emits two colors RED & GREEN and is available in a single LED package. Bi-color LED plug has a bi-color LED with two current limiting resistors which can be used as indicator in various projects.This PCB design enables you to bend the Bi-color LED to any position as per the user’s need and also this plug can be mounted anywhere using screws.

Bi-color LED plug is a digital output device. It has a interfacing port with four pins denoted as G, V , D1 and D2. Here G represents Ground , V represents VCC and D1 and D2 represents Data pin1 & Data pin2 respectively, through which Bi-color LED can be controlled. Red color is controlled by controlling the voltage at the data pin 1 (D1). Similarly Green color is controlled by data pin 2(D2).

  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Size: 20mm x 15mm
        V1       Straight        Straight    EL-BCLP-ST-101
       Right-angled    EL-BCLP-ST-102
   Right-angled        Straight    EL-BCLP-RA-101
      Right-angled    EL-BCLP-RA-102
       V2    Straight       Straight   EL-BCLP-ST-201
      Right-angled   EL-BCLP-ST-202
   Right-angled       Straight   EL-BCLP-RA-201
      Right-angled   EL-BCLP-RA-202

Manual contains all required information for interfacing along with example codes.


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