Become a Developer

Is an exclusive on-job skill training program offered by Elint Labz  for graduates who are interested in building a career as a developer/engineer in the domain of Electronics & Embedded Development. This is a unique program designed to meet the specific requirements of growing embedded development & related industries in India.

This is a 8 month full time program similar to an apprenticeship which will give candidates the opportunity to learn, gain exposure & experience by working on exciting and challenging work in the domain of Electronics & Embedded Systems. The program is created with a view of empowering graduates to build a successful career in embedded industry.

This is a program in which the students get to learn by practically working on real-time projects as an apprentice at the same time explore & polish their skills by working on their dedicated assignments at their own pace.

Compared to post graduate diploma programs or other similar training programs offered by various institutes, this program is unique in its approach as theoretical sessions  are close to nil & any and all training would be though hands-on work.

This on-job training is designed to allow the candidates to continually build on the skills that are required which range from Electronic schematic design, Printed circuit board (PCB) layout, structured programming for embedded systems (software and firmware), mathematical modeling, assembling & testing including Design for purpose; Testing methodology to Product transition into production.

Though primary priority will be to provide a full-time opportunity to candidates in Elint Labz, we will take possible steps to place them in electronics-embedded groups across our parent company & other partnering companies we work with, allowing candidates to transit to full-time positions at ease.

Five key reasons why you should consider taking this up:

1. Practical and relevant experience

You will learn from experienced professionals on the job. You will be set targets to ensure that you are well supported and that you are progressing at an appropriate speed. All the modules & platforms you will learn will provide you with the essential knowledge needed for your future career.

Unlike taking up training programs in institutes after graduation this program will give practical experience of working in a product as well as a consulting company from day one. At the end you will not receive a training certificate instead a valid experience letter that would aid you in your career.

2. Build your contacts & reputation in the industry

You will get you involved in all kinds of projects getting built at Elint Labz. Therefore, you will be meeting a lot of people online & offline. Making a good name for yourself and building professional contacts which will benefit you greatly in the future. You never know when you might need them for advice, assistance, or opportunities! & this will never happen when you join a training institute.

3. Strengthen your CV

When it comes to building transferable skills to attract employers, an apprenticeship is an excellent choice. Infact most of the apprentices have said that their career prospects had improved, and this is no fluke. With an apprenticeship, you will have gained an nonparallel exposure at the industry, picking up practical working knowledge and skills that will be attractive to any employer. Some young adults think that if they took an apprenticeship, they will be stuck with a small pay-scale for life. But with an apprenticeship, you will pick up skills that will be useful and adaptable to any industry – a key reason why employers are keen on hiring apprentices.

4. Become an essential part of the team

There will be no tea-making and photocopying kind of jobs for you here. This is not an internship that you are taking part in, just for a certificate. Recruiting an apprentice is not only cost-effective path for our business, but also an opportunity to develop a young workforce in their chosen career path until they are a skilled and reliable which would actually aid us in growing. Employers benefit greatly from having well-trained apprentices.

5. Low or no cost

This program doesn’t have to cost you a rupee if you are smart & dedicated at your work. There is a nominal fee ₹5,000/- you have to pay in the beginning of each month, which is relatively lower when compared to what you would spend in a training institute.  Once you have gained required skills you will receive industry standard stipend amount directly proportional to individual performance & you will also be eligible to take up paid freelance projects with-in the team from 4th month which would enable you to earn while you learn.


  • Graduation in Science or Engineering in Circuit Branches
  • Commitment to dedicate 5 days a week for 8 months
  • Preference will be given to applicants who can demonstrate practical exposure to programming and electronics
  • Good written and excellent communication skills
  • A genuine desire to become an exceptional Engineer in the field of Embedded Systems

Additional Perks

  • Experience Letter for the entire term spent in the process
  • Full time job offer on completion of the program
  • Support & referral  to take up offers from companies looking for similar skills
  • Complete freedom to quit from the program anytime

If you have any questions or interested in applying write to