Adept Fresher

create_thumbA large number of engineering students graduate out of colleges every year, though it a known fact that every person must start their career as a fresher at some point in life, core industries specifically the ones in electronics & embedded domain refrain from giving an opportunity or avoid recruiting freshers.

This eventually leads to graduates, even those who are interested in building a career in such core domains remain unemployed. The reason behind why companies have this notion of avoiding freshers is the fact that most of the freshers aren’t versed with the basic or foundational knowledge that was imparted to them. This has eventually lead to a wrong notion to be developed about freshers at large.

There are many companies in the other end too, who are ready to work with freshers but these companies prefer to work only with students who have graduated from tier 1 colleges. Does that mean only tier 1 colleges can produce engineers who have the caliber to work in core domains? Not really, there is quality everywhere its just that companies do not prefer to spend their time with tier 2 & 3 colleges as the selection process wouldn’t be economical & the number of students they can recruit will be really small.

As you already know we at Elint Labz work a lot with freshers & we know freshers have the ability to bring about the change if the opportunity is given to them. So, we decided to launch a certification exam which will be in same standards of what the industry is expecting today. Starting in May, we will give each engineering graduate who has a passion to work in an electronics or embedded domain an opportunity to prove he has what it takes to be be part of a core domain.

‘Adept Fresher’ will be one of the kind certification exam for a fresher, where in you will be tested specifically on technical knowledge – theoretical & practical , you will be judged based on the approach you take to solve the problem & just knowing what things are isn’t enough to get through. We are already in talks with companies, many have already accepted this proposal & are ready to recruit ‘adept freshers’ as when they get through.

If you are interested to know more about this certification process, drop in your name & email address below. We will contact you as soon as we officially initiate this program.



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