About us

Elint Labz (usually abbreviated as EL) is an electronics designer & manufacturer with headquarters in Bengaluru, India. We design, develop & manufacture development boards based on micro-controller & microprocessors, breakout boards for various sensors & actuators. Our domain & expertise is in the area of Electronics & Embedded Systems.

EL was founded in 2014 however the actual operations started from 2015 when it became a full time subsidiary of Hogst Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd. & is presently a part of Ajaramara Group a conglomerate of various domains of industries, registered in India as Ajaramara Dynamics Pvt. Ltd. under Companies Act of 2013.

As in the name company (Elint Labz) – Electronic intelligence (ELINT) is intelligence gathered by the use of electronic sensors, Laboratories (LABZ)  are facilities that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments and measurement may be performed. EL is an enterprise built to develop smart & intelligent electronics & EL is committed to help achieve electronics literacy in India. No matter the vision or skill level, our products and resources are designed to make electronics & programmable development hardware more accessible.

EL as a platform helps developers & young engineers from prototyping to product development. We provide open source hardware solutions and small quantity manufacturing services using a design from manufacturing framework. We are a strong promoter of the maker movement & have collaboration partners who have manufacturing & sourcing facilities in Shenzhen  & Korea.

EL has an education department which was formed as an outreach initiative to connect  local colleges, hacker-spaces and events. We do conduct free training sessions in collaboration with our academic partners to students from rural districts in India. Through our new deployed online training wing we offer curriculum, training and online tutorials designed to demystify the wonderful world of embedded electronics. We’re here to help Indians to start building electronic products!

Our Core & Values:

Our people are the driving force that keep the lights turned on, and we value each other as a team and family, not just as individuals. We’re committed to supporting the personal and professional growth for our employees however we can. Be it a virtual intern or Director we stand together when needed.

There are five essentials things you will see in our team:

Focus on innovation

Master engagement

Embrace speed

Liberate the next generation

Attract better talent


EL has a long, proud history of sharing as much as possible about what happens in our facilities. We believe in honest and direct feedback, and have an open door policy – we encourage equal and respectful discussion and questions, regardless of title, at any time.

It’s important to us that everyone at Elint Labz knows what we’re working toward – that means regular updates on company goals, progress, and how each person fits into the plan. We trust ourselves and each other to take responsibility for our contribution, while allowing for inevitable shortfalls and course-correction.

We do our daily best to live by the Golden Rule, which means treating everyone we encounter with empathy and kindness. India being a land of multi religion & beliefs, societal development can occur only if one can respect each other.

At Elint Labz we have both the privilege and obligation to create innovative products that can simplify prototyping. We facilitate creative freedom for all employees, make and test products in house, and are always considering ways to make products and processes better. After all, if you’re going to do something, do it well is what we believe in.

Our Philosophy:

Ever Indian deserves access to electronics literacy. In our Department of Education, we believe electronics are more than a hobby or career path; they’re a creative medium for teaching and learning. Since inception, we’ve helped students and educators around the world introduce these tools and concepts into their colleges & schools.

We produce, build, test and assemble over 200 types hardware kits and boards from our catalog in-house. It’s the best way we know to ensure the hardware you receive from us contains products you know, would love and can rely on. And if something should go wrong, our tech support and customer service teams are here to help, no matter what.

To us, it’s a given that we pay it forward and sponsor the incredible community that keeps us running. Through our Community Partnership Program, we’ve donated supplies, parts and expertise to over 140 projects, universities and programs in 2017 alone.